We are very proud that The Abso!ute Sound magazine has awarded the IsoRock GR3
stands their prestigious Editor's Choice award and has listed the IsoRock stands in
Recommended Components!

The IsoRock GR3.5 stands are specifically designed for the Gallo Reference 3 and Reference 3.1
and will significantly enhance the performance of these already amazing speaker systems!
The IsoRock GR3.5 stands incorporate many technologies, materials and construction methods
developed for our award winning IsoRock, Little Rock and patented Big Rock vibration control platforms.
High density and medium density polymers, polymer adhesives and multi density fiberboard are combined
in a constrained layer damping technique. The non-resonant primer and anti-resonance top coat act
in concert to provide an extremely inert structure and stable mount for the Gallo Reference speakers.
Raising the height increases the already excellent imaging capabilities of these phenomenal speakers.

The central chamber of the IsoRock GR3.5 stand can be filled with sand or shot which provides extremely
high mass and additional resonance absorption. The added benefit of the high mass is that the Gallo Reference
IsoRock GR3.5 system will also have a much lower center of gravity which provides tremendous rigidity.

The top plates of the IsoRock GR3.5 are supplied with ten IsoNode anti-vibration feet (a $37.50 value)
which provide the optimum interface between the Gallo speaker to the top of the IsoRock GR3.5 stands.
The interior of the IsoRock GR 3.5 stands utilize a staggered construction with special internal structures.
These structures always maintain contact between the top plate and the sand/shot filling. Any other stand
that has a simple sand filled hollow interior will lose much of the benefit when the sand inevitably settles
over time. Not so with the IsoRock GR3.5 stands.

The sonic benefits of the IsoRock GR3.5 stands are evident in all areas of performance
especially increased dynamics, improved coherence plus superior pace, rhythm and bass.

IsoRock GR3.5
9" x 15" x 8" (overall)
weight (each) - 12 lbs (empty) approx 40 lbs (filled)

$499.99 per pair plus shipping


recommended for the IsoRock GR3.5 stands...

IsoNode --GR kit

Includes 22 large IsoNode feet providing the perfect support system
between a pair of IRGR3.5 stands and the floor to prevent vibration
from reaching your equipment rack.
$118.00 per kit (a $137.50 value)
free shipping with your IsoRock GR3.5 order


Mounting the stands to the floor

We strongly recommend that all speaker systems be decoupled from the floor.
Speakers that use spikes, regular stands, outriggers, wood blocks or any other rigid mounting send
the speaker's
unwanted excess energy into the floor where it travels directly to the equipment rack
and contaminates all the other system components with destructive vibration and resonance.

We now offer a specially configured set of IsoNode anti-vibration feet as an option with your purchase
of the IsoRock GR3.5 stands. The IsoNode GR kit provides eleven large size IsoNode feet for each stand
which is optimum amount to support the weight of the Gallo Reference speaker and IsoRock GR3.5 stand.
Once the IsoNode feet are in place the entire Gallo speaker and IsoRock stand combination is very stable
and destructive vibration and resonance is stopped - to be absorbed and dissipated into the massive
IsoRock GR3.5 stands. The IsoNode GR support feet are just $118.00 per set (normally $137.50).

Customer Comments

"the Gallo Reference 3 speakers sound great attached to the stands." B.F., CO

"Spectacular sound and performance. I am very impressed." B.G., MO

"I love these stands. They make a great speaker a world class contender.
Huge improvement in bass (I'm already using the Gallo SA amp) and imaging. Nice job!" R.D., CA

"I can't believe the improvement! It is a wonderful surprise when a product
actually delivers more than expected. Thanks." R.N., FL

"I am now listening to my single most revealing track - and the stands are awesome.
I noticed the improvement within the first few bars of my reference CD.
The acoustic bass is much fuller and more relaxed. Diana Krall's voice is more natural.
I can listen into the nuances of her breath and voice." D.S., MA

"I a
m shocked at the difference the IsoRock GR3.1 made to the sound and I am now satisfied
with the image height of the remarkable Gallo Reference 3.1s. The speakers are really special
but so are the stands that you have for them. These are very high quality products and I feel
I have just made a major upgrade incorporating them into my system. Thanks again and keep up the
good work with your product line. I highly and totally recommend the IsoRock GR3.1 stands for all
Gallo Reference owners. They are very much worth the price I paid." N.L., TX

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IsoRock GR3.5

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