Customer Quotes
Excellent product that truly does enhance the sound. L.H.

Shocking. For the first time I’m hearing what these amps are capable of. T.R.H.

Great product, great value. Immediately noticed a definite improvement. Works as advertised. T.L.R.

Beautifully defined instrument textures & better imaging. C.E.

You make a beautiful product that works! G.W.W.

Incredible! B.D.

Noticeably improved imaging, broader, deeper soundstage, air around instruments and performers and rock-solid bass. J.T.

Worked great with my CD player. P.H.

Your products produce more clarity and detail than I expected. An excellent product, easy to set up and very attractive. M.J.

Significant clarity & detail has been added to my analog replay. D.W.L.

Incredible lowering of the noise floor. Music emerges from total black silence! Focused like no stage I have ever heard! J.O.N.

The sound improvement is truly amazing. I recommend your products to any audiophiles wholeheartedly. K.L.

It is clearly the “way to go” in my system and is here to stay. B.B.

I’m in love! Thanks. F.S.

Really Rocks!!! J.S.

Amazing difference under my Toshiba DVD player! Wonderful improvement. R.Y.

I have never been happy with the sound until now. Nothing else seemed to work, but these do the trick. Great! H.R.B.

Incredible! J.O.

Your claims in the literature are true. A great product. T.R.

Knocked my socks off. Can’t overstate my excitement. S.N.

Your products provide a
wonderful improvement. D.M.

Big, BIG difference! T.O.
I love these things! R.S.H.

It is the greatest tweak yet! P.R.

Improved soundstage width, depth & height. Imaging more palpable, sound is more focused. Tighter bass & better articulation. Decreased background noise. Nice Upgrade!!! J.F.

Great piece! W.I.B.

Great bass! Your products truly impress me. C.S.P.

Noticeably lowers the noise floor & tightens the bass. The images have greater solidity & palpability. D.K.P.

Works! R.S.

A really great improvement. Top sound. Thanks. J.Z.

Works great. B.N.

I have them on various equipment. I love them! R.H.

When I use your products – one word – AMAZING. Everyone with High End equipment will not believe what they are missing. A total must for CD players and transports. G.R.H.

I could not believe the sound that was missing from my system. Thank you!! G.R.H.

Excellent product. W.P.

Tighter bass, less noise, sweeter overall sound – like the gain increased. B.C.T.

Great product!! C.C.M.

Holy cow! J.L.

Works beautifully with VPI HW-19. Maximum impact on bass, soundstage and dynamics. Sounds great. A.I.H.

Wonderful product. Big improvement in my system. B.M.

Pretty cool! I didn’t think that they would do that much in my system, but they do! D.M.J.

There IS a noticeable difference! J.J.G.

It has a positive & significant effect. I knew it when playing my first LP. It may be of interest to you that my turntable is in a separate room. F.D.

A great solution to a vexing problem. P.D.A.

It works! D.K.R.
They’re GREAT! F.G.

Totally Awesome!! T.P.

It works very well. Keep up with the good inventions. Thanks to you. A.S.

My speaker’s low-frequency response is cleaner & deeper. Sounds like a pair of $10,000 speakers now. A.S.

Incredible! Great product! J.N.

Nice! P.A.F.

The improvements are incredible. G.W.W.

I love this product! I’m amazed!!! D.A.S.

Excellent! A bigger improvement than I expected. J.P.

Very satisfied, excellent results. W.G.

I’m in love! G.U.

This is a great product! I am quite pleased. J.C.

Your products are of very fine quality. A.B.

Very nice – perfect for the application. M.R.

Nice improvement, and not subtle! D.M.

I am very pleased. Would not consider playing the turntable without it. L.O.

Wonderful product. M.D.P.

Great stuff. Very effective. Y.S.

After setting it up I found it very hard to stop playing LPs! K.W.

Great product at a reasonable price! R.A.

Sounds great! J.W.

I was astounded! Thanks! R.I.

All the reported claims & reviews are true. Your system enhances every aspect of my equipment. J.B.B.

Every component sounds significantly better with your isolation system. Y.T.R.

I was so impressed that I bought a second one! U.O.

Terrific! Big improvement. R.A.

Great stuff! Thank you very much!! Y.S.
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